Employment Services

The foundation of our agency is to support individuals to find jobs in integrated employment settings making a competitive wage.  There are a wide range of services available, including:


  • We provide a person-centered approach in the development of each individual’s Discovery Profile.

  • We assess each individual’s skills, strengths, support needs and goals while working in a community environment.

  • Discovery could include business tours, job shadowing and volunteering.


Employment Path Services

  • We will do task analysis, employment preparation and identifying supports that may be needed for integrated employment.
  • We provide training for individuals to gain general skills for integrated employment.
  • Individuals are supported to find learning opportunities and work experience in the community.

Job Development

  • Our job developers work with local businesses and organizations to find personalized career opportunities that resonate with individual interests, talents and skills.
  • We offer resume building, job analysis and employment preparation.
  • We specialize in gathering past work and volunteer experience to construct resumes that will spark potential employer’s interest in meeting with our clients for job consideration and hiring.
  • Our job developers work as advocates and mentors for each individual. We provide assistance with employment preparation like roll playing the interview process to build confidence. We attend interviews and provide support through the hiring process.
  • We remain in contact with potential and new employers after the interview process and continue to collaborate with the individual to ensure success.

Job Coaching

  • We work with each person and their individual team to develop and maintain their career goals.
  • We provide skill development to ensure successful job performance.
  • We collaborate with the employer/supervisor and the employee to develop and maintain natural supports.
  • We provide ongoing job coaching, maintenance and monitoring of work place performance and relationships at frequencies tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • We encourage independence and self-confidence in an integrated work environment.
  • We provide ongoing monitoring of wages and benefits counseling.


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